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 The Roman Empire

The Roman Empire

by Sven Wieber und Will Hofmann (Publisher),
translatedbyStephen Braiden.

This Kindle-ebook presents the important events of the Roman history in a short and clear manner and shows images of the most important sovereigns.

The German version is usually the No. 1 seller in the Kindle-category “Ancient History & Civilisation > Rome”

The content is based on the popular educational poster “The Roman Empire” from Wiebers Publishing. These large-sized placards are decorative and informative at the same time. They provide an at-a-glance overview of historical facts.

A perfect supplement (or alternative) to the poster is this ebook. All the facts, pictures and informations have been transferred into the digital format. Just like the poster, the ebook covers a time line from the beginnings of Roman history to the end of the West-Roman Empire.

In contrast to the placard, the ebook offers even more content. The original poster text has been expanded and the pictures are enlarged. It's possible to search for key words and many links facilitate the navigation. Aside from that, many more portraits and illustrations have been implemented, so the subject matter becomes more lively.

In short, this ebook is an ideal companion for any journey through Roman history.

Available as PDF-, eBook- or Kindle-file
Published 2013

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The Roman Empire
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